Sun Lenses

Protecting your eyes has never been more enjoyable! In all seasons, your eyes need to be protected from the sun's rays that are not only a strain but also harmful. Our tinted, Polarized, and Transitions® lenses fully protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Tinted lenses

A tinted lens protects against the glare of the sun, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities. Different tints/shades allow you to obtain sunglasses adapted to your lifestyle. For example, brown tinted lenses improve contrast and are recommended for outdoor sports such as golfing. Grey tints don’t change natural colours and are therefore recommended for viewing nature or hiking.

  • Full Tint $40
  • Gradient Tint $60

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are superior to tinted lenses because they reduce the reflection of the sun’s rays on surfaces such as snow and water. These lenses are well-suited for fishing and other water sports, and are ideal for daytime driving to reduce glare.

  • Grey $100
  • Brown $100
  • photochromic $150


Transitions® are lenses that transition from light to dark and back again depending on the intensity of sunlight (UV rays). The more intense the sunlight, such as when going outdoors, the darker the lenses will become. The less sunlight there is available, such as when going indoors, the clearer the lenses will become. These lenses adapt to changes in light automatically as opposed to having to switch between different pairs of glasses indoors and outdoors.

  • Grey or Brown $100
  • Graphite Green $140
  • Photovision $60

Mirror-tinted lenses

Mirror-tinted lenses provide similar protection to regular Tinted lenses but have a reflective mirror finish for added fashion and style.

  • Mirror Tints starting at $100