Contact lenses

Choosing contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses is a discreet solution to correct vision. Contact lenses can improve vision just like glasses and can also offer UV protection on some lenses. The purchase of contact lenses must be supervised by an eye care professional to ensure that the lenses are suitable for you.

The new daily contact lenses are a great choice for sports, for outings or simply for your everyday life because of the unparalleled simplicity and comfort. Optical Warehouse offers a wide selection of contact lenses for both single vision and progressives.

Types of Contacts

  • Daily lenses (disposable every day)
  • Bi-monthly lenses (disposable every two weeks)
  • Monthly lenses (disposable every month)

Want to take the plunge into contact lenses? Determine which lenses will best suit your needs.

Steps to Considering and Purchasing Contact Lenses

  • Have your valid prescription (within the last 12 months) on hand.
  • Book an appointment with one of our licensed opticians to validate your needs, take all the necessary measurements, and book your fitting appointment where the optician will ensure a proper fit with the recommended product (approximately 15 minutes).
  • Following your fitting appointment, you will need to wear the contact lenses for several days to ensure your overall comfort and confirm that your vision is properly corrected.
  • During your final verification appointment, the optician will check to ensure comfort and vision are satisfactory following the product trial. Once the quality standard is assured, the optician places your order.

This 4-step process is only necessary once (unless there are major changes). Renewing is fast and easy.