Licensed opticians

Why accurate measurements are so important

At Optical Warehouse, a licensed dispensing optician is always on site to offer you precision service to meet your individual needs. The optician is responsible to their licensing body to ensure that you receive the lenses you ordered with the fit you require. This is what separates local licensed opticians from ordering eyeglasses on-line. How can you verify that your prescription is exact as per your order? Opticians verify this prior to delivery.

Additionally, opticians are there to help you identify the best quality lenses and coatings to suit your needs, while respecting your budget. The lenses of today are so technologically advanced , that the measurements opticians take are essential for accuracy and fit, and to ensure comfortable and precise vision at all distances.

In Quebec, licensed dispensing opticians also guide you in choosing contact lenses. Through a booked appointment, they will perform the necessary tests to choose contact lenses adapted to the dimensions of your eye, and to ensure that wearing contact lenses is completely safe and suitable to your lifestyle.