History and founders

Optical Warehouse: A history of passion!

Since the creation in 2013, and the opening of the first location in 2014 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec , the founders’ key desire was to bring a wide choice of quality optical products to the Canadian market at fair prices.

With its fair-pricing approach on the latest eyewear styles and technologically advanced lenses, the Optical Warehouse has made a difference on the Canadian optical landscape by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for its countless happy customers.

In 2019, Entrepôt de la Lunette co-founder, Daniel Beaulieu, announces the centralization of management activities for all companies under the Optical Vision Group banner. Optical Warehouse is now managed by the Optical Vision Group whose role is to oversee its multiple optical banners and locations across Canada.


Jean-Nicolas Boisvert

At 25 as a dispensing optician, Jean-Nicholas Boisvert had the desire to open his own business with an idea to offer customers quality optical products at fair prices. He started in the homes of friends, flea markets and tourist events. After several months on the road, he thought it better to lease a location where he could display the large selection of quality frames he had acquired direct from the manufacturer. To reduce costs and keep prices low, he preferred a modest and minimal design for the store and that’s how the “warehouse” look and concept was born!

Lucie Dufour

It is never too late to realize a dream and start a business! After accompanying her husband for 15 years in the world of eyewear, lens manufacturing, and distribution, Lucie was motivated to go into retail. Having worked in the optical manufacturing sector and having traveled to many major international conventions and shows, she saw how retail prices were escalating while costs of manufacturing were actually decreasing. She was questioning the prices of eyeglasses and how much consumers were overpaying. In 2013, Lucie met Jean-Nicolas Boisvert who was a customer of the lens lab where she worked. They realized they had a common vision in wanting to provide customers with a better selection and better prices, and decided to partner up to offer just that - a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. They opened their first store in 2014. The concept resonated with consumers and within months expanded to seven employees and a selection of 2000 frames - more than double the average optical store.

The first location was simple. It was located in the Thomas-Bellemare industrial district in Trois-Rivières and without the cost of high rent, expensive displays and middlemen, customers benefited by receiving stylish quality products at fair prices. As Lucie says: "Our greatest joy is to be able to offer our clients the opportunity to take care of their eyesight and their budget. We know that for the same high prices they were paying previously, customers can now afford two or even three pairs of stylish glasses with the latest lens technology to suit their lifestyle and different activities. Compared to an ill-fitting purchase and highly impersonal service you’d find on the internet, at Optical Warehouse we are able to offer these amazingly low prices alongside our personalized, no-pressure service to ensure you see great!"

With customers driving over 100kms from surrounding areas to come buy eyeglasses at reasonable prices at the Optical Warehouse, more stores were opened in the months that followed to give more and more people access to our offering. At age 58, Lucie decided to postpone her retirement as she passionately advises and enjoys her customers to this day.

Daniel Beaulieu

Daniel Beaulieu, a businessman that comes from a family of entrepreneurs, has been active for more than 35 years in optical, particularly in lens manufacturing. With a background in commercial law and financial planning, Daniel guided Jean-Nicolas and Lucie on how to set up the first location. Further, his significant lens knowledge provided an independence from large optical multi-nationals that tend to drive lens prices up, and allowed the Optical Warehouse to bring consumers the latest lens technology at fair prices.

Optical Warehouse, among other companies he is associated with, brought Daniel to meet eye care professionals from around the world in more than 50 countries. Thanks to this network, Optical Warehouse can truly offer the latest fashion trends and technology from around the world. Indeed, Daniel’s vision is to always keep Optical Warehouse at the forefront of innovation and provide customers with the best quality and selection available worldwide at fair prices. No other optical company quite reflects the same passion and drive in the customer’s interest as does Optical Warehouse, based on the vision of Daniel Beaulieu, Lucie Dufour and Jean-Nicolas Boisvert.