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Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses?

monture_jaune-300x210Progressive lenses (or no-line bifocals) are for those people who need correction at various distances.

The Canadian Optical Warehouse specializes in the latest technology delivering the “best in class” progressive lenses at low prices. As with other industries, digital technology has reduced the cost of production while improving sight in all fields of vision.

Note: Trying progressive lenses for the first time can take some adjustment since they differ from single vision lenses. The latest technological advances continuously address this issue to the point where getting used to progressive lenses takes less and less time.

Discover at The Canadian Optical Warehouse a wide range of digital European lenses that are entirely made to measure based on your frame selection and your individual prescription. Settle for nothing less… anywhere.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Do you need an anti-reflective coating? We think its a very good idea if you are engaged with people so that they can see your eyes perfectly and you can see them better.

Anti-reflective coatings:

  • Improves vision.
  • Reduces glare and reflection as people see you and as you see out.
  • Improves surface clarity of lenses.
  • Particularly reduces glare and reflection caused by artificial indoor lighting.
  • Significantly improves night vision and glare associated with driving (headlights/lamps etc…).
  • Improves photographs as the eyes become more visible through ultra clear lenses.
  • With enhancements in technology, anti-reflective coatings are even easier to clean today – wipe away smudges and water quickly with a microfiber cloth.

See and be seen better!

It is true that smudges are ever more evident because the lenses are so transparent. However, this can easily be managed with a microfiber cloth (available at The Canadian Optical Warehouse and other fine retailers). It is not advised to use paper tissues and other fabrics as these items may contribute to fine scratches. Microfiber cloths are naturally soft and absorbent so that they attract dirt/dust particles by static electricity and microfibers absorb water at many times their own weight.
At The Canadian Optical Warehouse we offer the latest generation of anti-reflective coatings in Maxivue – so clear that you can hardly see the coating. Maxivue is easy to clean and is 99.7% transparent.

Have the latest generation of transparent lenses on the market: Ask for Maxivue!