Guaranteed Best Price Policy *

At The Canadian Optical Warehouse, prices for one pair of frames and single vision lenses start at the every day low price of $59.90 (digital progressives at $159.90), usually much less than our competition!

However, should you happen to find a lower price of prescription eyeglasses within a 50km radius and upon presentation and proof (see details below) of your lower offer, The Canadian Optical Warehouse guarantees the best price plus a 10% discount.

On presentation of a lower price on a pair of prescription eyeglasses available at any other eyeglass business in the region (less than 50 km), the Warehouse guarantees the best price plus a 10% discount.

The products being compared must meet each of the following conditions in order to be eligible for the Guarantee:

  • Proof of price must include the name of the product being offered;
  • Proof of price must include all items in the order (lenses, options and frame);
  • Proof of price must have been issued by an eyecare professional (optometrist or optician);
  • Proof of price must be normal sale price and not a limited time offer or only available in limited quantities;
  • Proof of price must be specific to the customer who is presenting it;
  • This Guarantee does not cover prices found on-line (the Internet) since it is impossible to know what exact products are being offered nor the final quality of the product that would be produced;
  • The purchase must be completed at a Canadian Optical Warehouse within 30 days of the date on the proof of price.