General Tips

Whether your pair of glasses cost $59.95 or $729.95, it’s important to take special care of them so they’ll last as long as possible.

The most fragile frames are semi rimless and drill mounts (no rims). Since the lenses are not fully supported and for the most part exposed, these types of glasses require special attention and care.

For full frames the most solid kind are made of a copper-titanium alloy. They are light, shock-resistant, they don’t rust and are hypoallergenic.

Store your eyeglasses in a hard clamshell case where possible, like those supplied by The Canadian Optical Warehouse. A hard shell case will protect your glasses from dust and damage the best.

Here are some tips


No matter the material, your glasses are fragile. It’s essential to handle them gently and put them away carefully. After all, they are indispensable to your eyesight. Always make sure you take them off with both hands and try to avoid placing them on your head, which could change their shape and put them out of adjustment.


Use optical grade microfiber cloths and optical quality cleaning solutions (available at The Canadian Optical Warehouse). Optical quality lens cleaners are specially formulated to remove dirt and dust without attacking delicate coatings. Common household cleaners, detergents, soap and water often contain harsh chemicals and particularly undiluted can clean even coatings off lenses. For daily cleaning, spray with the cleaner and wipe grease, dirt and dust off safely with a microfiber cloth. For smudge free glasses during the day, use a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are machine washable (without fabric softener) and will last a very long time.


Always store your glasses in their case to protect the lenses from impacts and avoid scratches. Making a habit of using the case will also prevent damage to the frames. Place the glasses in the case with the temples properly folded. When putting glasses on a table or a desk, always fold the temples before putting them down.

Regular Maintenance

If your glasses seem loose or if the nose pads are dislocated or crooked, it’s important to fix them right away so they won’t fall off, lose their shape or get damaged. Getting your glasses fixed or tightened is a quick procedure and entirely free of charge if you bought them at The Canadian Optical Warehouse