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A Clear Mission

The Canadian Optical Warehouse aims to offer superior quality products for less – that means similar pricing to those found on the Internet but with professional assistance and adjustments.

To Get the Best Service Possible

1. Make an appointment with an optometrist

Make sure your prescription is up-to-date. Your optometrist/ophthalmologist is the one who does your eye exams and analyses your vision (oculo-visual examination). This is also the professional to consult to avoid visual disorders or diseases.

2. Get a prescription for your glasses

Your optometrist cannot refuse to give you your prescription, since it belongs to you. Certain measurements might be omitted, but these could be done by an optician. Health professionals may naturally be reluctant to give you your prescription if you plan to order on-line as it can be risky.

3. Go to the Canadian Optical Warehouse

Visit our store and see a very wide selection of designer/fashion frames and learn about the latest in quality lenses. Take advantage of fair prices!


The Prescription


Your optometrist will indicate more or less corrective measures for your existing ocular defects. To purchase a new pair of glasses with us, your prescription needs to be dated less than three years ago.